The Langhe hills, rich with wine and culinary excellence, offer a gastronomic panorama for all those who come visit. One taste and its difficult to forget the savoury delights of our region: from Barolo wine to speciality cheeses and abundant amounts of hazelnuts, there is always something to enjoy. Yet, the most prized delicacy of all is the “Magnatum Pico”, Alba’s rare white truffle which is only found during the fall season.

Like the ancient tradition of the “trifulau”, the search for truffles in this area is undoubtedly a magical and memorable moment.

Deep within the fog of a November night, the highly anticipated moment unfolds: The dog becomes restless, his breathing becoming a heavy panting … By now, I have come to recognize this behaviour well and I know how to interpret even the slightest variations in his character. Surely there has to be something.
The dog senses a truffle and he communicates this by nervously thrashing his tale and sniffing the still air of the silent night while analyzing the damp earth at our feet in order to find the precise point where our precious treasure is hidden.

The dog trots in front, faster and faster, sharply aiming towards a specific point. One last sniff, then he nuzzles his nose into the soil. With vigour, he inhales the scent of the earth to confirm his suspicions. It is the right spot and his premonitions are unmistakable. The dog starts digging hectically, spraying dirt and leaves… And there, in the twilight of the moon, the dog successfully unveils the aroma of the night!!!