a special night

Tartufi d'Alba

the letter from Henry

Dear Giuseppe

Thank you once again for the fabulous and wonderful experience happened during truffle hunting.
As I told you walking into the wood I love very much literature and this is the reason why I want to write in some few words this unforgettable experience.

Here I am at the meeting waiting for Giuseppe, Giacomo and Luna. We agreed to meet at 6,30 pm in the square; after a few minutes it appears Luna’s car (Giuseppe’s car) and they ask me to follow them for some minutes to reach the wood.
I am really very curious to experience the night truffle hunting. We go along a sandy road and finally stop: suddenly they are in front of me with a white dog, I put the boots and we enter the wood , walking through hazelnuts, trees and vineyards.
The sky is full of stars, it’s very cold but no wind, the trees seem to sleep.
I improve my curiosity and feel excited.
I’m attracted by the noise of dry leaves under our feet and by a small stream we cross. After sometime Luna starts to dig, Giuseppe helps it by a small hoe and a little black truffle comes out. I knee to smell it and the scent is really the one of truffle. “Congratulations”, I tell everybody.
Giuseppe continues to stimulate Luna talking in Piemontese (the local language of the countryside) and we go up along the hill.
It’s not so easy for me climbing behind Giuseppe and Giacomo; finally they stop because Luna digs again, almost more excited than before.
Giuseppe opens the hole with his small hoe and he doesn’t believe his eyes : “Good heavens “ says Giuseppe || This time the truffle is WHITE, a big one and it seems almost a flower!
I need to better understand : in the silence of the wood a strong and intense smell attracts my nose and finally the white truffle comes out: 265 grams !! Now I perfectly feel the sense of Giuseppe’s site: The Scent of the Night “Il Profumo della Notte”

I sit down and I realize a dream

Thank you Luna, Giuseppe and Giacomo

Henry from Boston
25th November 2014

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