white truffle of Alba

Uova con tartufo bianco d'alba
Ravioli al plin
Alcune bottiglie di buon vino delle langhe
Tartufi d'Alba
Fiera del tartufo bianco - Alba

the gold of the Langhe

Alba, land of the White Truffle also called the gold of the Langhe, is not only known for its truffle, but also for the prestigious wines among them there is the king of red wines: the Barolo

Alba, town of hundreds towers, can also offer historical buildings and monuments together with food and wine. All along the months of October, November and Dicember the White Truffle is finally ripe and ready to be discovered by the «Trifolau» and their dogs.

Since many years, during the festival of the White Truffle of Alba it also happens a very important international event: the world public auction (Asta Mondiale) for the White Truffle of Alba whose proceeds are for charity.

In autumn the restaurants in Alba are full with Italian and foreigns visitors who want to taste the delicious food of the Langhe dressed with the White Truffle of Alba and the prestigious wines.

The White Truffle of Alba can be perfectly matched with the following excellent food:

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